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Ranup Lampuan is Acehnese society association in Taiwan. Aceh province is the province with more than 5 Million population located at the tip of Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Since 2007 until now (2018), Aceh government has sent thousands of Acehnese best students to study oversea after the Indonesia – Aceh peace treaty in 2005, which ended 30 years of armed conflict between Indonesia government and Aceh freedom movement, and Tsunami disaster in December 2004. Among many countries, Taiwan is one of the most favorable study destination both for Aceh government as well as Aceh youngster.

Declining Student: Recently, although Aceh population has growing up to more than 5 Million people, and more students showing more motivation and readiness to study oversea, but since 2015 there has been a decline in term of student being accepted in universities in Taiwan. It is a strange phenomenon considering Taiwan is targeting Indonesia as one of the country to strengthen relationship for implementing their southbond policy. The decline is very worrisome where it goes from hundreds of Acehnese student in Taiwan to only around 20 people by 2018.

Possible Problem: There are many possible reason for this phenomenon. Lack of information about Taiwan education such as what program are available, how to apply, which universities are more recommended, living cost, and etc. The promotion about Taiwan education is also very rarely heard comparing to other countries like USA or Australia. USA and Australia has a massive yearly promotion in Aceh province where they held seminars, sharing brochures, provide a sophisticated website with clear information, video advertisement, facilitating the universities to directly exhibit in Aceh, and so on.

Our Proposal: From this point of view, Ranup Lampuan propose a program called DIASPORA ACEH TAIWAN 2018, where we offer assistance universities and other institution in Taiwan in promoting and convincing best and most talented Acehnese student to come and study in Taiwan. With our experience studying in Taiwan as well as hundreds of members in both Taiwan and Aceh, we are able to help promote universities in specific or Taiwan education in general.


Here are several program format that we can offer to our partner who have the same goal as us:

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